World Championship 2016 Deck Lion and Wolf

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Ciklus: Preconstructed Deck
Nyelv: Angol

Total Cards: 60

Faction: House Lannister

Agenda: 1

1x Banner of the Wolf (Core Set)

Plots: 7

1x A Noble Cause (Core Set)
1x Calling the Banners (Core Set)
1x Confiscation (Core Set)
1x Counting Coppers (Core Set)
1x Marched to the Wall (Core Set)
1x The First Snow of Winter (No Middle Ground)
1x Summer Harvest (Called to Arms)

Characters: 34

2x Ayra Stark (Core Set)
3x Bran Stark (Core Set)
3x Burned Men (Core Set)
1x Cersei Lannister (Core Set)
3x Eddard Stark (Wolves of the North)
3x Lannisport Merchant (Core Set)
2x Red Cloaks (No Middle Ground)
1x Ser Amory Lorch (For Family Honor)
1x Ser Gregor Clegane (The King’s Peace)
2x Ser Jaime Lannister (Core Set)
3x The Hound (Taking the Black)
1x The Tickler (Core Set)
3x Tyrion Lannister (Core Set)
3x Tywin Lannister (Core Set)
3x Winterfell Steward (Core Set)

Attachments: 7

2x Bodyguard (Core Set)
3x Milk of the Poppy (Core Set)
2x Ward (True Steel)

Locations: 8

3x The Kingsroad (Core Set)
3x The Roseroad (Core Set)
2x Western Fiefdom (Core Set)

Events: 11

2x Nightmares (Calm Over Westeros)
2x Put to the Sword (Core Set)
3x Tears of Lys (Core Set)
1x The Things I Do for Love (Core Set)
3x Treachery (Core Set)

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