MegaCorp - Business is War - Starter Deck - Illithis, Ghost Prophet

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An epic cyberpunk card game, designed for 1v1 or up to 9 players.

Megacorp is a card game that thrills cyberpunk genre fans with an ingame universe consisting of genetic modified transhumanists, psychic prophets that can move mountains at will and incorporated citizens who buy and sell their very selves on the stock market; a dark realist theme (with mature overtones like political intrigue, covert ops, genocide, euthanisia and more) which celebrates the triumph of capitalism taken to the extreme. Governments no longer exist and corporations are the primary actors of human destiny.

Players take the role of business founders in year 10,000 AD with the objective of eliminating their commercial adversaries via bankruptcy, buying out their businesses or isolating their rival business through destroying all assets connected to them.

The game is designed for competitive play, with sanctioned tournaments due to be launched following pre-release (kickstarter campaign) completion.

The current version consists of 4 pre-built card decks (62 cards each) complete with a unique founder from one of the 3 factions of humanity: Corp, Incarnate, Gnost. Dimesions and weight listed are reflective of ONE deck.