Glass Road

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Nyelv: Angol
Időtartam: 75 perc
Játékosszám: 2 - több
Nehézség: Nehéz

How to play :

The first glass makers in Germany were brought there by the Romans, but after they left, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Germans rediscovered the art of making glass. By the end of the 17th century, there were about 60 glass factories and the area in the eastern part of Bavaria (in southern Germany) gradually developed into an important center for glass making. Today, in the Bavarian Forest near the border with the Czech Republic, the Glass Road is a 150-mile long path that takes you to many sites where you can see both antique and new glass, as well as picturesque towns and villages with lovely landscapes. There are factories that use the most modern production techniques, as well as small artisan shops that rely on traditional glass making methods. There are also glass museums, where you can see interesting works from the past, and in glass galleries the latest glass innovations can be viewed.

You obviously didn’t come here for a history lesson though, so let’s fast-forward to the present. Uwe Rosenberg, one of the modern masters of Euro game design (AgricolaOra et LaboraLe HavreCaverna: The Cave Farmers), has taken the theme of glass making in the Middle Ages, and built an interesting game around it: Glass Road. Since I’ve liked so many of his past games, I was really looking forward to playing this one. It uses mechanics we’ve seen in other games (including his own), but it also incorporates an innovative element of his own design: the production wheel. This clever way of tracking resources (first used in Ora et Labora, but given an update here) is one of my favorite aspects of the game. I’ll explain in more detail how it works in the following review, as well as giving a general overview of the rest of the rules of the game. I believe Glass Road is another one of Mr. Rosenberg’s successes.

Glass Road is resource management and tile placement game for 1 to 4 players that plays about 20 minutes per player. It was designed by Uwe Rosenberg, and was one of his two major games released in 2013 (the other being Caverna: The Cave Farmers). Glass Road plays best with 4 players.